Living Room Furniture Placement


When building, it’s important to accommodate the furniture you currently have and the items you’re planning on using in your new home. Imagine, your master bedroom doesn’t accommodate your king size bed, what then? So remember to think of your current furnishings when building your new home and determining your room sizes. Placement of furnishings in a room can affect mood and the functioning of your family.

When arranging your furniture in the rooms of your new home, creating a warm and welcoming space is crucial. To create this type of environment, place your sofa with two to three feet of clearance on either side, creating negative space, this keeps a room from looking too cluttered. Never place your sofa flush against the wall, but rather keep it a few inches away, which gives that area a little bit of air, which makes all the difference.

The easiest way to spice up a room is with an area rug. Area rugs can define a space and frame your furniture. When choosing an area rug for your space, measure the size of the room first. You don’t want one too large or too small that your furniture doesn’t sit properly on it. The size needs to be just right!  You want your feet to touch the rug and not the floor when sitting on the sofa or a chair. Your sofa and chairs should be on top of the rug (at least halfway). 

When hanging long curtains, position your rod higher and wider than the window frame, this gives the illusion that your window is larger and the ceiling height is taller. Patterned or textured curtains can dramatically impact the style of the room. Is there a proper length for curtains? Not at all. You choose what you like, in terms of length and style. Short curtains that rest on a window sill can cut the visual height of your room in half. You choose the length of curtains that suits your style.

If you’re having a hard time with textiles, go to the nearest store and purchase a home magazine or browse Pinterest.  It always helps to see color schemes already used in rooms to decide on pillow shapes, drape patterns, and rug sizes. The options are endless, go nuts, and enjoy dressing up your beautiful home.