Brad Harnett


Project Manager Brad Harnett is a certified civil engineering technologist with more than twenty-seven years experience in Nova Scotia’s construction and land development industries. Since arriving from his native Newfoundland in 1985 he has helped create communities and neighbourhoods encompassing thousands of acres. Working with engineers, surveyors and land developers, Brad has been involved in all aspects of land development from initial property acquisition through surveying, conceptual design, engineering, construction inspection, contract administration and condominium registration. Brad will be overseeing our Builders Program and will work directly with all stakeholders as we continue to help grow our Porters Lake community. You may email Brad directly at: or reach him via cell: (902) 717-1389


Neil Downey


Neil has lived and worked in Nova Scotia for 26 years. He has a passion for outdoor living and environmental protection and in his spare time you’ll find him, his wife, their son and dog enjoying treks through the bush and walks on the beach. He has extensive experience in real estate sales and new home construction and as a geologist he brings a unique perspective to land development. The well being of our customers is his primary concern and he is delighted to be part of our conservation centered community development that is supporting growth in Porters Lake. Contact Neil Downey at or call: (902) 827-2005


Lesley Josey


Lesley Josey enjoys the outdoors and loves hiking, boating, and playing in the snow. She loves that Porters Lake is growing and is pleased to have been able to stay in her home town. Lesley has a great deal of experience in customer service and enjoys making her customers happy! She especially loves that Seven Lakes is a conservation designed community and is proud to be a part of our Seven Lakes Community team.  Contact Lesley Josey at or call: (902) 827-2005