February 2016

Probably the most difficult decision that we have had to make in a long time was to sell our home and build a new one.  Hard for lots of reasons but the key ones:    We love the community that we currently live in; and we have never built a house before so very very unsure about what to expect and how to go about doing it. 

Two and a half years ago we began seeing advertisements for a new “environmentally friendly” community in Porters Lake called Seven Lakes, so we investigated.  It was hard to imagine when we first visited Seven Lakes what the vision was.  Moving into our current community years after the developer started we discovered that the developer had promised many things as part of the development:  parks and trails; sidewalks; etc.  All of which did not materialize – so we were a bit leery of promises of developers.  Seven Lakes had lots of big ideas and promises.  What we quickly discovered was that Seven Lakes was committed to this development for the long term and was building the infrastructure FIRST before the building of the homes, so what we saw over the months that followed was the paved streets going in, a better traffic plan in the Porters Lake area; a dog park, and playground; mailbox shelter; toboggan hill; even a butterfly park.  There were even groomed trails that were put in and all of this was done with a plan and concern for the natural environment of the area.   After seeing this we were convinced. 

Since signing on the dotted line we have had nothing but support, help with the design of the house; recommendations; even recommendations about financing.  Knowing that this is the first time for us to build, the team at Synergy and Seven Lakes has been right with us basically holding our hand and ensuring that what we want in the final product is exactly what we are going to get.  We have lots of questions, we have had changes, the Seven Lakes Team are respectful, helpful and concerned about us and our needs but also continue to be concerned and respectful of the community and the surrounding environment which is very important to us.  It is a beautiful community and with the commitment from the Penney Group will continue to grow and develop into a place we are looking forward to soon calling home.  

– Steve and Jeannette


September 2016

When we began looking for a building lot for our “forever” home, Seven Lakes was not immediately on our radar. We had tried to find oceanview or lakeview lots, but the prices were just not affordable. So, since Porters Lake is actually where Jim spent most of his childhood, we decided to stop in to the Experience Centre – just for fun. By the end of that first visit, the staff had taken us under their collective wing, driven us around the property, and enthusiastically explained the environmental foundations of the development – wilderness protection, responsible water treatment, and access to community amenities. We were impressed! As we drove through the development, a lot was pointed out that they thought might suit our need for one-level living with a great view. Right on cue, a deer appeared at the crest of the hill – on the spot where our house now stands.

The fact that Seven Lakes is so well thought out, and that they have gone to such great lengths to ensure that the development will be both sustainable and environmentally sensitive were great selling points for us.  All the infrastructure was in place before any homes were built, meaning that there will be no surprise buildings or facilities appearing in the future. They have made sure that the neighbourhoods will be cohesive but not cookie-cutter. A variety of home plans are available to choose from, but they are happy for folks to come with their own ideas to add to the community. We were immediately included in community events such as seminars, garden plantings and Christmas parties.

We cannot say enough about the wonderful folks who work at the Experience Centre. They are so professional with a wealth of knowledge to share, yet so friendly and downright fun. And, they bake awesome chocolate chip cookies! They have been so helpful and very forthcoming about resources in the greater community: it made our choice of the “lot with the awesome view” an easy one. We’re looking forward to checking out all the hiking trails soon, as well as swimming and boating on the lake. Come Spring, we hope to be daily visitors to the dog park with our future puppy! 

- Jim and Judi