With spring being the beginning of your gardening season. Figuring out which flowers to plant around your new home can be a tough decision. You could start with something larger and add smaller plants in and around them. Hydrangeas or hostas are both plants that will flourish quickly. Or you could start small and develop a landscaping plan to slowly add to over the years. Some plants take longer to bloom and others will bloom very quickly.

If you’re unsure of where to start, have a landscape company come in, they will give you some ideas and give you a quote on the work to be done. This will save you a lot of headache down the road when trying to find that perfect plant to fill a space. You probably have ideas of what to plant and which plants you like, but, it’s always nice to have a second opinion.

Thinking outside of the box is essential to creating an outdoor space just for you. Adding a few décor items like bird baths or bird feeders will attract wildlife to your home and benefit the overall look of your charming new garden. Incorporating garden stones or a seating area against a backdrop of colorful flowers and green bushes giving yourself and your guests a place to sit and enjoy the beauty.

You could be thinking ‘I do not have a green thumb, what can I do to my garden that has low maintenance but still looks beautiful?’ You could stick with solely perennials. There are many types of plants that come back every year with little to no maintenance required. Hostas, rhododendron, hydrangeas, trillium, and peonies are all gorgeous full blooming plants that will spruce up any garden.

If you’re a vegetable garden guru, then you know exactly what herbs to plant. Planting flowers like, camomile, cilantro, and sweet alyssum will benefit your vegetable garden. Because they are annual flowers, you are able to re arrange them every year to correspond with different crops you’re growing. Beneficial insects will also follow with certain types of plants.

Happy Planting!